first day on ship freeport bahamas

we are on BAHAMAS OMG

 the ship is awesome and me and my dad went on a segway tour today WOW we  went to the beach and all around the island its awesome just as the ship even our cabin with the balcony is really small i love it here and we bocked our activities I WILL GO DOLPHINSWIMMING <3 and shopping in Nassau and so much more but this is definetly the pod

first day bahamas over

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Spring break cruise bahamas

finally on the way to the bahamas *-*

 after i picked my dad up at nyc jfk and we arrived in miami we are finally ready to go on board on norweign cruise line. i am so exicted about what activities we will do and how the ship will be .... after all i am happy to have spring break and cant wait to tell you guys more

first entry over

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